How They Are Made

Summer House & Garden Office Construction

Hand Made


Built by our experienced team of carpenters and fitters, each Summer House is made by hand with the highest quality materials available

Crafted with Passion


All of our Summer House installations are made to order, crafting them on site by hand to ensure the most unique and perfect finishes on every single on of our builds.  

Step By Step


  • Step One: Once site has been cleared of any over burden and is stripped back to either grass or soil, we install concrete pods at 600mm deep and approximately 400mm x 400mm these act as an alternative to the concrete bases a lot of companies install. The reason we suggest the use of these pods are twofold; 

  • Firstly they are much cheaper and easier to install and remove (should you choose to relocate the Structure) in addition to being far less damaging to your land.      

  • Secondly the pods enable the team to level the Summer House to within a mm ensuring the building is as structurally secure as possible and ensuring the building lasts a minimum of 10 years (which is why we offer a minimum guarantee of 10 years on the structure itself).                                                                                                     
  • Step Two; Once the Pods have been installed a waterproof membrane is attached alongside the frame of the Summerhouse. This frame is then insulated and boarded and the rest of the structure built from this. 

  • Step Three: Once the frame has been installed and erected the team install a timber roof with a high density EPDM rubber lining which as standard holds a 20 year guarantee so you can trust that the Summerhouse will be weather tight and you will never have issues with leaks unlike felt which is needed to be replaced every 3-4 years.                                                     
  • Step Four: Once the Summer House has been made weather tight and the roof has been installed the doors and windows for the summer house are installed. The doors and windows are all double glazed, high security locking units and are from the Rehau profile - one of the UK's premium ranges of doors and windows (I actually have installed all of these windows and doors in my own home and come with a minimum 5 year guarantee).                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Step Five: With the roof, windows and doors installed the team will then plasterboard and plaster the interior of the Summer House alongside affixing all electrics and sockets. Once this has been completed we will then finish the Summer House in an exterior cladding. This cladding comes in a wood grain effect and ranges in colours from timber, through to duck egg blue, creme, grey, black, white and green. - The choice of finish is completely yours and we will run through these choices on the first day of the build and ask you to select which cladding type you would prefer.